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Cindy Syme

about me

I’ve been working with clay for over twenty years. My works' themes stem from a combined interest in the Culinary and the Botanical. I’m also a professional cook and an avid gardener. I love bringing these parts of myself into every piece I create.

the work


I love that my pieces will be shared at your table or in a quiet corner of a room with your friends and family. Whether it’s from the flickering light of a candle in a votive, a bowl of soup or a vase of flowers from your garden. It is a gift from my studio to your home.

the inspiration


Literally the earth beneath my feet, the wings of a hawk, and light sparkling between the leaves on a tree all inspire me to create. I want to capture that moment in nature when the physical space around us transmits a wonder for the beauty of our world. 

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Price List

all pieces use food safe glazes and are dishwasher and oven safe